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Want ongoing access 

to a psychic bestie

who is available to assist you with daily check-ins on areas where you need clarity, while also helping you to access and trust your own intuitive and manifesting gifts?

There is a reason I am the go-to Tarot reader for celebrities and C-level executives, in the words of both 4x Emmy Award-winning Talk Show Host Cat Greenleaf and my Catholic, skeptical father: "She knows things." I love doing readings but my 1:1 Intuitive Coaching program is my favorite because it helps me to not just tap into things for you, but to also help you to train and trust your intuitive gifts.

Let's get magical AF!

This opportunity is perfect for you if...

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You're Seeking Magical Guidance

You’re interested in tools like astrology, tarot, herbal elixirs and rituals but can get overwhelmed and are seeking guidance on how to easily use them.

You Know You're Intuitive

You know that you are intuitive and Magical AF, but you also enjoy having a fab human life and aren’t sure how to incorporate magic into your daily life.

You Want to Work Directly with a Psychic Mentor

You are one of the only people in your circle interested in the mystical side of things and know you have a strongly attuned inner guidance system but want direct support and to be able to receive coaching from a powerful mentor and intuitive guide. 

From new age novices, to masters of magic...

all are welcome inside.

Press play to see what's waiting for you behind closed doors...

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What people are saying...

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Unlock access to

Cardsy B's private library of tools

In addition to 1:1 coaching by Cardsy B, and receiving custom tools and homework she sends directly to you, you will also receive access to a library of private VIP tools to remember your power, unlock your intuition, and release old stories of unworthiness including meditations, recipes and elixirs.


Imagine if...

You had direct 1:1 access to Cardsy B Monday -Friday 10am -8pm ET with direct voice note support and text support from her.

You have an opportunity to learn how to clearly receive messages from the universe and use divination tools like pulling tarot cards for yourself and understand their messages taught by the Queen of Modern Tarot, Cardsy B.

You received ongoing custom tools and homework to help you move through adversity like heart chakra healing, cord cutting, scarsity mentality release and more.

You had access to energy shifting meditations, intutive amplifying exercises and more.

You had custom elixir recipes, rituals and mantras provided to you based on what you are specifically navigating in your personal life.

all this and more is waiting for you !

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Want to see inside?

Here's everything you get when you join...


1:1 Direct Access to Cardsy B

This includes 

-Voice note support and text support

-Same day response to inquiries

-Cosmic Energy Updates and More


Spell & Elixir Worksheets & Downloads

Get access to a growing directory of spells, rituals and elixirs for anything and everything in your life. Each spell and elixir comes with instructions, ingredients and a curated shopping list. Download everything on your digital device or print and create your own grimoire.


24/7 Access to The Parlour

Your online support magical tool kit. In this space you will resources like journaling prompts, Spotify playlists for cosmic transits and specific spells. Want to find a heart healing elixir, find cord-cutting tips, or download an abundance meditation? You can do it ALL in The Parlour.

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Tarot and Astrology Guidance

Virtual Reading With Cardsy B

*Monthly Intuitive Coaching includes one free virtual reading with Cardsy B


Video Library

Binge on a library of private VIP magical how-to videos and deepen your knowledge of spells, elixirs, rituals, apothecary, wards, alters and so much more! This is your backstage pass to learning all the ways you can incorporate magic into your everyday life.

Are you ready to heal together?

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Hey! I'm Cardsy B

Your witchy bestie

I'm an intuitive tarot reader, host of the Hex & The City Podcast, creator of the Badass Bitches Tarot Deck and author of The Saturn Diaries.


I live in Miami in my AHS Coven-meets Restoration Hardware dream apartment overlooking the ocean working as a Chief Witch Officer. (Yes, intentional spellcraft really works!)

After experiencing a harrowing dark night of the soul involving suicidal depression and substance abuse, I began to heal by reconnecting with my intuition through my childhood love of Tarot and the mystical world.


Since exiting my executive career in fashion, I have transitioned from fashion bitch to wellness witch and have been working in the metaphysical and wellness world, guiding clients including celebrities, C-suite executives, artists, and entrepreneurs to their own inner knowing and healing abilities. 

My work has been featured in Nylon, Shape, Bustle, and the Zoe Report, and I have collaborated with brands like Macy’s, BCBG, Soul Cycle, Hulu and Soho House.

My favorite thing in the world, aside from my dog Lola the Dom Pom, is hearing from clients who receive tangible evidence of success (love, abundance etc) as a result of accessing their intuition from working together.

What exactly is spellcraft?

 Spellcraft can be thought of as “magical manifesting.”

Abbracadra is a Hebrew phrase that translates to “I create what I speak.” We create with our words, actions and routines everyday. Doing so intentionally has prolific effects on our lives.

As Dr. Emoto's studies with water have proven, the words we speak and the intentions we express literally change the molecular structure of elements in water, the largest component of the human body. The Spellcraft Society provides tools, resources and practices to work with our intentions and mindfully create magic in our everyday lives.

We will be working together in the community each week. Shared intentions raise both individual AND mass frequencies as well as generating tangible results. This has been proven and demonstrated in mass meditations with the intention to lower crime in (Washington DC and NYC)– which resulted in crime decreased by 21- 23.6 percent for an entire month afterward.

I have been working with intentional spellcraft since coming through my dark night of the soul in 2017, and after trying many traditional and non traditional healing modalities, this is what has led me to stop consuming substances I abused my body with, exit my corporate “matrix” career to become even more abundant in my soul purpose work, and attract the most amazing soul family members into my life.


I have found this to be the most powerful tool for manifesting, releasing limiting beliefs, and stepping into the life that matches the real you.

You don't need any experience to join us, The videos and content in The Parlour break down everything you need to get started!

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Magic is being made inside...

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Your Intuition Brought You Here

Here's what you get when you sign up for Intuitive Coaching today:

1:1 access to Cardsy B Monday -Friday 10am -8pm

Voice note support and text support

Tarot and Astrology insight shared by Cardsy B

Access to The Spellcraft Society Parlour Archives

Instant access to a vault of spells, elixir & rituals

Library of guided meditations with mp3s

Custom healing codes (sometimes these are playlists, movies, sometimes mantras and meditations)

Let's Work Together

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  • What happens if I need to cancel/reschedule my booking?
    Please contact me at least 24 hours in advance and we can reschedule for a more convenient time.
  • What is the refund policy?
    Tarot decks, Tarot clothes and candles can be returned unopened/unused for a full refund. All bookings and giftcards are final sale.
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