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I'm an author, intuitive tarot reader and energy alchemist, so you can think of me as your witchy bestie.

I can use the Tarot to help guide you into your own inner knowing and healing abilities. 

But I haven't always been so deeply connected to my spiritual gifts...


I picked up my first Tarot deck when I was only eleven years old.

From the time I was a child I was always drawn to the metaphysical due to being highly sensitive and receiving information in unconventional (and often misunderstood) ways.


I often saved my allowance to buy astrology books and tarot decks. But by high school I paused my pursuit of mysticism to fit in with the cool kids.

I worked in the fashion industry for the first part of my career.

Instead of seeking magic, I continued to chase validation. I was a high level executive for various global brands, I even launched my own lingerie line.


And though I had a lot of surface successes, I was deeply disconnected from my true self and my purpose, and was always seeking external rewards to fill that void.


Then I had a dark night of the soul and left the fashion world to dive deeper into my intuitive gifts.

After an astrological period known as the Saturn Return, that hits around age 28-30, It seemed like I lost "everything": My marriage, my dear friend and mentor who passed away of HIV related complications, my high powered career, and literally all of my money.


At the darkest point I believed I had nothing left to live for. Through a very fortunate sequence of events I chose to tap back into this lifetime and find a way to begin to heal.


The most accessible, and powerful tool in that time was the Tarot. It allowed me to connect to my true self and access my intuition. I began pulling a card a day for myself, then reading for friends and former colleagues, and slowly transitioned out of the fashion world to provide energy and tarot readings full time.

I designed and illustrated the Badass Bitches Tarot Deck.

After a trip to Amsterdam with my best friend I was guided to create my own tarot deck of iconic powerful women as a relatable teaching tool that would help to make tarot more accessible.


I am overwhelmed with appreciation that the Badass Bitches Tarot Deck is now sold globally and used by readers offering healing and guidance all over the world.

Now I am the go-to reader for celebrities, C-suite execs, artists and entrepreneurs.

I am so grateful to be of service in my work everyday, helping a diverse range of clients to achieve clarity that brings about powerful remembrance, transformations, and growth.

And I host an award winning podcast, Hex and the City

Each week I bring the stars down to earth to provide you with an update on what is happening in the world, cosmically-speaking.


I discuss tools for tapping into our inner magic and intuitive growth and share powerful conversations with thought leaders and inspiring guests. graphic text (19).png
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Q: What's your sign?

A: Sagittarius Sun ♐️ 

Aries Rising ♈️

Libra Moon ♎️

Q: What's a movie you can always watch?

A: Chocolat 

Q: What's your favorite way to unwind?

A: Swimming in the ocean 🌊

Q: What's your drink of choice?

A: Iced matcha with oat milk 🍵 

Q: What's the best book you've ever read?

A: The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho 

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